Walk A Day In My Shoes

In October, our 8th grade students participated in a project called “Walk A Day In My Shoes”. The evening’s events were organized and facilitated in hopes of opening our students eyes and hearts to the reality of the hardship that comes with being homeless, and hopefully encouraged a change in perspectives in the process.




The students started the evening by setting up their bonfire and sleeping boxes outside of the Pavilion.


They went to the PADS Shelter at St. Christopher’s, where they cooked and served dinner to 15 guests that night.


Our Chargers returned to St. Cyprian for a bonfire, time for prayer, and a hot dog dinner while they talked about their experience and the evening’s activities.

walkaday8 walkaday3

The group baked cookies and made no-sew blankets to be donated.


When the night came to a close, the students retreated to their sleeping boxes outside.


“It is my hope that when each of you awaken in the morning you will have a little better insight and a more compassionate heart for those who sleep each night in the elements of the seasons; alone, scared, and so often forgotten. May your perspective of the homeless be changed and may you find a way sometime in your life to bring awareness to the voiceless teen, single mom, child, or man who seems to have been abandoned by our society.” – Mrs. Kmiecik