The Cardinal’s Decision is in…

St. Cyprian School has faced low enrollment in recent years, which has caused a strain on the school’s finances. With less tuition revenue, the school is not able to cover its costs and has incurred an operating deficit.

Over the past few months the school and parish community have come together to fundraise and work to enroll students for next year. Unfortunately the enrollment and financial targets fell short with 101 students re-enrolled for next school year (the target was 128 students), and $85,000 raised (the target was $500,000). As a result, St. Cyprian School will close at the end of this school year, effective June 30, 2018.

We commend the dedicated leaders, faculty and staff of St. Cyprian School for their tireless work to foster an academically rigorous and faith-filled community. We are confident it will be a great remaining school year, and the school community will support each other through this time of transition.

Please contact the school or parish office with any questions.