Smart Tuition is Here

We are ready for each family to sign up for Smart Tuition! This is an online payment website and parent help center that is available 24/7 to all families. Parents have been asking for years to be able to pay with credit or debit card or direct withdrawal. Smart Tuition allows for these options and others. You can also send your check or money order directly to Smart Tuition to credit your account. After everyone has registered you will receive a welcome packet.

Some schools in the Archdiocese are already using this tuition program or another one. After some research I found Smart Tuition to be more family friendly and available for questions and or needs.

We will send information soon and paperwork for parents to complete. By July 1 we will be using this new process for collecting tuition here at St. Cyprian.

We applaud the efforts, time, organization that Dolly Hudgins has given to us with tuition statements, recordings, phone calls, etc. Dolly has been a wonderful support for St. Cyprian School. She will have more time to complete so many other ministries for us now!!

You will receive your statements by mail with reminders in your e-mail box from Smart Tuition.