Why Do You Send Your Child to a Catholic School?

Often others ask, “Why do you send your child to Catholic School?”  “Why do you spend the money?”

Besides being academically above many schools, children in Catholic School learn how to live and work for a more just society.

  • Why wouldn’t I want my child to know and believe that all people are holy and made in the image of God?
  • Why wouldn’t I want my children to pray with others during the school day?
  • My children are taught that people are both holy and social; when one suffers we all suffer.
  • My children are learning that all people have a basic right to life, food, shelter, healthcare, education and work.
  • Isn’t the “Jesus” test of a society about how it treats its neediest members?  Children then, need to learn and live this early on in life.

At St. Cyprian School my children learn early that money and business exist to serve people, not the other way around.  Values are taught in Catholic School.  We may not have everything we want, yet we have a right to what we need! It is so important that my children learn that all in society are called to work for justice for all the people. At St. Cyprian, children learn to care for all God’s creation.  All living things are precious.  From womb to tomb, life is to be guarded with love, respect and justice.

It is a sacrifice to send my children to Catholic School, but the investment for their future is worth it!!